The Advantages of Using Direct Drive Motors

Advantages of Using Direct Drive Motors graphicDirect Drive motors can be found in nearly every industry in one form or another. While some applications may require belts, chains or gearboxes to enable a product or machine to work properly, there are many benefits of using direct drive motors. Prime Drives manufactures direct drive motors that can be customized to suit your needs. What are the advantages of using direct drive motors over belted (or indirect) drives?

One of the main advantages of using direct drive motors is increased accuracy. Rather than dealing with a coupling, gearbox, belts or chains, a direct drive motor attached directly to the load thus there is not hysteresis in any direction of movement.

A direct drive motor also offers higher resolution feedback devices which allows you to attain the absolute accuracy required in precision applications.  Encoders can be configured to provide from 11,000 counts/rev to more than 4,000,000 counts per rev; all customized to fit the need of your application.  This allows our Direct Drive motors to achieve +/- 3 arc-seconds of absolute accuracy in extremely demanding applications.

Along with having fewer parts that could create noise and vibration, a direct drive motor will provide a unique packaging option not found in typical servo motors.  Prime Drives Direct Drive Motors can be packaged to provide a large thru hole in the middle of the motor which can be used for cable management, laser positioning pass thru or pneumatic hose management.  Direct drive motors can also be designed to have a large diameter and short height in a ‘pancake’ style or we can offer a taller configuration with a smaller diameter for applications which are restricted in larger diameter package configurations.

Direct drive motors can also provide higher torque at lower revolutions per minute (rpm). Some applications require a higher torque but need this at a lower speed. Prime Drive’s Direct Drive Motors are customizable so they can provide the needed torque at lower rpm speeds. The torque-to-inertia ratio is also higher in direct drive motors, specifically where it is needed most – at the load. Because there is a low electrical time constant for torque motors, the torque can develop quickly when voltage is provided. This quick response aid servo stiffness and angular positions.

Elimination of torque ripple is another advantage of the direct drive motor as we can offer non-cogging rotor-stator sets which provide large pole counts and are staggered to eliminate cogging normally found in competitors direct drive models. When your application requires the absolute elimination of any torque ripple, our slotless designs can provide your application a solution.

If these advantages are what you need for your application, give us a call at (775) 333-5984. We’ll discuss your needs and determine how we can help meet them with a customized direct drive motor.