Precision Rotary Tables for Your Applications

Precision Rotary Tables for Your ApplicationsMany applications can benefit from the use of a precision rotary table. This allows for a device to be accurately positioned according to a precision gear structure. A stepper motor or servo motor can be attached, which provides torque with an accuracy of 12 arc-minutes and a +/- 3 arc minute with repeatability. This can be done either horizontally or vertically. Precision rotary tables can be adjusted with plates that make it easy to see where the intervals are. Plates can also be different sizes, allowing for use with smaller or larger applications. The tables can be manual or powered, and powered tables are usually controlled by CNC machines, making them accurate and automated.

Some of the industries in which a precision rotary table can be used include pharmaceutical packaging, electronic component manufacturing and positioning, grinding, automotive automation, homeland security, aviation, filming, robotics, and more.

Prime Drives precision rotary tables offer the most options in the industry for acquiring the correct gear ratios and table for your needs. The world leader of this industry, Prime Drives provides precision rotary tables that have the largest quantity of options for clients, which sets the company’s product apart from its competitors’.

It is important to select the correct table for the application, as attempting to use a smaller table for an application that involves large or heavy parts can damage the table and result in parts that are much less than the precision intended, including rough finishes on the surface and features that are out of tolerance. Knowing the needs of the project and the capacity of the table will aid you in acquiring the precision rotary table that will handle your application with the most accuracy and best precision.

Some uses of a precision rotary table include machining spanner flats on bolts, drilling holes equally around a round flange, cutting a round piece with a tang that protrudes, milling helixes, cutting complex curves, cutting straight lines at an angle, cutting arcs, cutting circular pieces, and more. Bolts and screws are ideally done with one of these, for example.

When you need a precision rotary table for your application, Prime Drives can meet your requirements. We have a variety of options for you to consider, and our sales personnel can assist you in determining which options will best suit your application. You may reach them by calling 775-333-5984 or email us at

Pancake Servo Motors Provide Long Life in Low-Profile Areas

Pancake Servo Motors Provide Long Life in Low-Profile Areas
Pancake Servo Motors are used in speed-controlled or position-controlled feedback systems to control valves within the system. They have a very low profile to fit into spaces less than 1 inch and offer high torque when it is needed for small spaces. If your application requires a long life in a low-profile area, we can provide you a solution. We can design and manufacture a Pancake Servo Motor to fit your needs.

One of the main benefits of Pancake Servo Motors is the fact they have a low-profile and can be placed into small areas. We can design and manufacture Pancake Servo Motors as small as 40 mm in total height with diameter around 80 to 300 mm, not including the shaft. Because of the small size, these Pancake Servo Motors are perfect for use inside robotics, optics and pumps.

Another benefit of the Pancake Servo Motor is that they are brushless which means they do not have mechanical components that will wear out. If there are no mechanical components to wear out, you can feel secure in placing these motors inside hard-to-get-to areas and expect them to last for a long time. If thin section or crossed roller bearings are included in the Pancake Servo Motor, it will increase the life expectancy of the motor. Despite their size, Pancake Servo Motors can provide up to 3,000 RPM.

To help you determine if you have the right Pancake Servo Motor for your application, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my application require a specific amount of torque?
  • Does it require a detent or holding torque?
  • Does the application require a duty cycle of a particular length?
  • Is one step angle desired above another?
  • Does is the required RPM or step rate?
  • Are bipolar coils preferred over unipolar coils?
  • What coil voltage is needed?
  • What size restrictions are there for the application?
  • Do I know the anticipated life requirement for the motor?
  • What is the operating temperature for the Pancake Servo Motor?
  • Will the temperatures remain constant or will they fluctuate?
  • Will it have radial and axial loads?

When you have the answers to these questions, and have a better understanding about your application needs, call us at 775-333-5984. We would like to discuss your Pancake Servo Motor needs with you and to design the best Pancake Servo Motor to meet those needs.