Direct Drive Servo Motor Standard DS145 (145 mm Diameter)Direct Drive Servo Motor DS145

The standard DS145 series Direct Drive Servo Motor is a small, compact servo solution which offers a 145 mm diameter package using brushless servo technology for zero maintenance. Our cut-core or segmented stator technology provides the maximum amount of torque in a thermally stable environment.

The standard DS 145 Direct Drive Servo Motor incorporates a precision circular cross roller bearing which ensures smooth movement and excellent axial and moment loading characteristics.  Our engineering team also provide designs which incorporate thin section and 4-point contact bearings for applications which need higher speeds with less stringent axial and moment loading.

Our brushless DS 145 Direct Drive Servo Motor contains high pole count rotor-stator sets which virtually eliminate cogging producing extremely smooth operation for your direct drive rotary servo application.

Our design produces excellent torque to size ratio by using rare-earth magnets and thermally conductive epoxy allows for higher operating temperatures which eliminates concerns in many direct drive rotary applications.

Our high torque to inertia ratio also provides excellent acceleration and deceleration characteristics for demanding direct drive rotary servo table applications.

Our very low electrical time constants result in a fast responding direct drive rotary servo solution.  Prime Drives offers superior technology and customer options in solving most Direct Drive Servo Motor applications.

When your application requires a brushless Direct Drive Servo Motor, look to Prime Drives to deliver a solution which fits your application.

If you have any questions about our DS 145 Direct Drive Servo Motor, call us at 775-333-5984.