Direct Drive Servo 2D Engineering Data

Direct Drive Servo MotorPrime Drives offers direct drive servo solutions in three standard direct drive models. These three distinct direct drive servo solutions are offered in 3 diameter sizes ranging from 100mm to 175mm and have up to 5 distinct stack heights to meet most of today’s application. Prime Drive also offers customized solutions to direct drive servo applications. Our customized solutions includes numerous winding option’s, adjustable thru hole diameters, customized top plates as well as customer specified termination options. Prime Drives also provides larger direct drive servo solutions than found in our standard offering. Prime Drives offers these solutions at no additional engineering or surcharge cost’s to our customers. Our engineering and manufacturing staff has designed and built numerous servo solutions where standard catalog direct drive servo simply did not provide a complete solution. Prime Drives offers a designed solution to fit various challenges in packaging, medical, metrology and inspection.

2D Drawings Info – Disc Servo Motor, Mechanical Dimensions