Applications Where Direct Drive Motors Are Used

Applications Where Direct Drive Motors are Used GraphicDirect Drive Servo Motors are used in a wide range of today’s automation tasks. Since automation is employed in a number of industries, you might wonder which applications the Direct Drive Servo Motor is used most often.

Direct Drive Servo Motors are small and compact. They can be customized to match the speed, inertia, torque and accuracy requirements for your application. How do you know if a Direct Drive Servo Motor is right for your particular job?

Consider the needs of the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturing facilities use a variety of robotic units. These robots can duplicate specific, controlled motions repeatedly for the life of the robot. The movements are dictated by the Direct Drive Servo Motors within the robot and they control the speed of the movements, torque, accuracy and repeatability. You may find robots being used for paint booths, machining centers, assembly conveyors, welding robots and punch presses. If your industry uses robots to manufacture your products, Prime Drive’s Direct Drive Servo Motors may be the right choice for your application. Both brushed and brushless motors will be used in industrial robots.

Solar manufacturing companies also use Direct Drive Servo Motors. These motors, however, will be required to perform minute movements for etching the surface of the wafers for solar cells. Direct Drive Servo Motors will also be used for custom robotics solutions and to control movements of the solar panels once they are installed.

Does your application require accuracy and repeatability? Our Direct Drive Servo Motors are also used in medical equipment, inspection equipment, food packaging, prescription drug packaging equipment and the film industry. You can also find these motors in use in the homeland security and grinding industry along with semiconductor equipment, aviation automation and metrology equipment.  +/- 3 arc-sec absolute accuracy is achievable.

It is important that we understand your needs as a new client. Our engineers will meet with you to learn what configuration is needed and initiate the design process. We’ll need to know what speed is needed for the motor including the top speed and low speed. How much torque will be required for the motor? What is the absolute accuracy needed? Will package size constraints including maximum diameter or maximum length be a concern? Our engineers will work with you to design a motor around the space your application has available.

Other features you may need to consider for your application are feedback options, custom winding, environmental concerns (whether the motor will operate outdoors), move profile needed and load. When your application requires direct drive servo motors, call Prime Drives. We’ll work with you to deliver the solution your application requires.